„Boiling Female Rage – Online Writing Workshop“ – 20.07.2024

Blubberschreiben – Bubble Writing – becomes „Boiling Female Rage – Online Writing Workshop“ 

Blubberschreiben is a type of free, intuitive writing that combines Focusing instructions with Journaling methods. Focusing is a body-experience-based self-reflection in which we are in a dialog with our inner parts. When writing, each person explores for themselves what is alive insidethemselves, dancing as wild bubbles or seething and boiling.

„In this workshop series in cooperation with igfem, I am particularly interested in the energy of geysers and volcanoes, the boiling of water and lava in analogy to seething and boiling over with rage and anger. These feelings are often implicitly or explicitly dismissed and forbidden to us women, FLINTA and female-read people. FEMALE RAGE, how does that sound to you? Where do you feel the anger in your body? What does it smell like and what is the texture? How can rage support you and us as a community and how can weuse it to empower yourself and each other?“

You are invited to explore the topic of ANGER and RAGE for yourself under the sensitive guidance of Claudia Andersag. There will be opportunities for sharing, but nothing must be shared.

No previous knowledge is necessary.

Maximum of 10 participants

Time/Date:  20.07.2024;  10 AM to 12 AM

Costs: € 20 – 40, according to personal financial means

About the host: Claudia Andersag (andersagt)

For her personal form of “healsome” journaling(BlubberschreibenBubble Writing), Journal Writing Coach and Focusing Trainer Claudia Andersag combines elements of Focusing with methods from Expressive and Creative Writing, Journaling and Poetry Therapy. She holds writing workshopsonline and in presence, most recently as part of the project and exhibition „How We Grief – On Loss and Transformation“. The author writes her own texts in German, English, Spanish and Lustenau dialect. Andersagt slams, gives readings, and performs Playback Theatre in Austria. What all her projects have in common is the appreciation of individual growth processes and the demand for equal rights for all people.

Registration: support@igfem.at