Equal Pay – Equal Show – Equal Pension

2024 – 2026

“Equal Pay, Equal Show, Equal Pension” aims to raise public awareness of misogynistic/sexist structures in the literary world and to propose measures to improve the social and economic position, reception and standing of female authors throughout the EU


  • to conduct digital, inter/national surveys on the reception, social and economic standing of female authors, including suggestions for
  • a digital reading list compiled by a group of experts from the literary and feministic field, consisting solely of works by women and spread
    as diversely as possible, to increase their visibility
  • to establish an English writing and networking group, to promote transnational cooperation among writers, and feminist and literary
  • to hold 4 symposia (Munich, Amsterdam, Yerevan, Vienna) to present the outcome of the online survey, the online reading list, the writing
    and networking group. Experts will be invited from Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Bulgaria
    All tasks will be done online/digital except the 4 symposia. The Secretary of State for Arts and Culture launched a Fairness Process trying to
    achieve more fairness in art and culture. On the results we get, we want to push this process further in the partner countries and at EU level.
    The project wants to promote transnational collaboration amongst authors as well as feminist/literary organisations and to establish a
    support network enabling the exchange of experiences, know-how and data about female writers.
    OUTCOME Report about female writers, online reading list of female writers, results of the networking group, plan of actions for
    improvements for female writers addressed to different target groups, specially to the EU authorities.
    Conclusions out of the symposia. Final report of the entire project.
    Baseline: There is no data concerning female writers.
    All outcomes will be available for the public.
  1. 1. Interessensgemeinschaft Feministische Autorinnen Austria, Coordinator
  2. Schamrock e.V. Germany, Partner
  3. Fixdit Netherlands, Partner
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